Rebecca Danelski seriously seriously lacks an enormous amount of skill that UCLA failed to teach her. Or perhaps she learned her ways from equally dysfunctional professors.

A therapist-induced trauma is as difficult to heal from as the initial trauma, which is why people go to therapy in the first place. And it's incredible how little oversight is given into what kind of people become "therapists" and how controlling so many of them actually are. Talk about exploitation. What can a "patient" do to protect themselves?

Nothing really.

So many people that become therapists have their own unresolved issues and are extremely controlling.

She is by far the worst therapist and is completely unaware of how damaging her reactions to a clients vulnerability can be.

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I find it hard to believe that this is the same Rebecca that I saw. She has helped me with lifelong communication and relationship issues and helped me develop more self esteem in my relationship and friendships. I feel confident in recommending her to others


Therapist induced TRAUMA is one of the most debilitating experiences a person can endure. When a person has experienced a troubled therapist it is important to have blogs and web sites where consumers not friends can post their experiences.

Evans, Colorado, United States #255969


I read through all your posts. Blame, blame, blame.

You've really got to start taking responsibility for your own life.

Living a blaming life on the internet is not going to help you or anyone else. Find someone who can give you the help you need.


I can believe that about psychotherapists.

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